Undergraduate teaching

Today, my teaching involves:

  • A core course for lower undergraduates (a 6-hour Contract Law)
  • Several rotating 3-hour elective courses organised in three bundles.
    • Advanced private law, especially a very popular course on “Commercial Law and Remedies” as well as another one on Dispute Processes (less regularly, a seminar on advanced law of obligations).
    • Comparative Law and Legal History (including a hybrid course on the European Legal Tradition).
    • Private International Law and Transnational Commercial Law.

Method: informal lecturing with moderate use of the Socratic method (volunteer / passing allowed; oral participation not graded). Reading material in both English and Greek. (casebook when available; emphasis on primary sources). I try to provide outlines as a study guide to the main material, in order to facilitate acquaintance of especially lower undergraduates with the English language. In final exams, which are always open-book, I primarily use hypotheticals complemented with a choice between open-ended theoretical questions. In lieu of a midterm exam, I normally opt for a case note or an equivalent written assignment. Student evaluations are generally very positive and often note, in addition to my enthusiasm and respect for all views, that I encourage critical thinking.

LAW 522 International Commercial Law and Dispute Processes
This postgraduate course, combines international commercial litigation (and arbitration) with substantive-law problems.

  • Charalambos Charalambous
  • Kyriakos S. Kyriakides
  • Rafaella Charalambous
  • Elvira Pallikarou
  • Christos Tsallos
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