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Welcome to my home page. This site groups together much of my published scholarship and work-in-progress, as well as legal work, relevant media and other resources relating to my professional interests.


About me

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I am Professor of Private Law, Comparative Law and Legal History at the University of Cyprus. My research and teaching focuses on contract and commercial law, comparative law, legal history, private international law and transnational commercial law.

Research and teaching interests

Contract Law with emphasis on:

  • (commercial Law (i.e. commercial transactions);
  • (the position of contract law within the broader scheme of the Law of Obligations;
  • (the connection between substantive and procedural law.
Both my teaching and my research in this regard focus on the common law tradition and mixed legal systems.

Civil Justice with a view to:

  • the structure of the legal profession / legal institutions;
  • the integration of procedural norms, and substantive-law regimes;
  • drawing connections to private-law theory;
  • ADR and design of dispute-resolution systems

Private International Law and international commercial law, including dispute resolution, with a particular emphasis on:

  • the interaction between substantive law and processes.
  • the general theory of private international law
  • the intellectual and social history of private international law

Fields of particular focus:
  • commercial conflict of laws.
  • My interest in family/succession conflict of laws has derived from my historical work on the subject.

Comparative Law, with emphasis on

  • the methodology of the legal comparison,
  • the evolution of legal systems (and their evolving taxonomy).
  • Particular interest on mixed jurisdictions.
Fields of primary interest:
  • comparative contract and business law;
  • comparative civil procedure;
  • comparative conflict of laws.

Legal History, with emphasis on the history of legal doctrine and the uses of history in the doctrinal discourses.
Both teaching and research focus on the Western Legal Tradition, but I am interested in longe durée (and micro) global comparisons.
Focus points:

  • Medieval and Early Modern learned law;
  • Roman law;
  • English legal history;
  • the Modern Era (especially legal classicism).

© 2023 Nikitas E. Hatzimihail Contact Me
© 2023 Nikitas E. Hatzimihail Contact Me
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